I placed an order.  Now what?

You will receive an email confirmation (if you don't receive it, please check your junk folder).  Write your order # on the inclusion bag before mailing them to me.  I will then notify you when I receive your inclusions. 

What is your turnaround time?

Jewelry - Once I recieve you inclusions, your piece(s) will be created within 5 - 7 weeks from the time I receive your inclusions.  The wait time may be shorter if I have your piece on hand.  I will then send you a picture to make sure you are happy with your keepsake piece before it is sent to you. 

Memory bears - I work off of a waiting list which is approximately 5 - 6 months wait.

How much of each inclusions should I send?

***Never send the last bit of your inclusions.

Cremation Ash - 1 tsp is plenty.  All unused ashes will be returned.

Breast milk - 10 ml but I can work with as little as 5 ml.  Leftover preserved milk will be saved for any future orders.  Please let me know if you are ordering and already have some preserved milk stored with me. 

Hair - A lock of hair around an inch long is enough but I can work with as little as you have.

Flowers - 1-2 petals of each colour.

Sand - 1/2 tsp.

Material - 1 inch square.

Memory Bears - to give you an idea of how much material is needed, an adult medium long sleeve shirt is enough for one bear. I can also mix different items if preferred.  For baby clothes, please contact me and I will send you a list of items needed depending on size.

Can you include more than one inclusion?

Yes!  As many you would like!  The more inclusions, the smaller the quantity will be added.

How do I send my inclusions?

Please send all inclusions double-bagged in ziplock bags with your name and order # and placed in a padded envelope. 

Can I use old breast milk?

Yes! I can use milk that's been frozen for many years. As long as it is not moldy, I can work with it. I preserve the breast milk into a powder which kills all bacteria and mold from growing over time. 

What is the care for your keepsake jewelry?

Your keepsake stone is created using jewelry grade resin and have to be treated with the outmost love the same way you treat pearls. Do not expose them to chemicals or extreme heat.  Remove when doing dishes, swimming, showering.  Do not store in direct sunlight.  Please read the caring for your jewelry page for instructions.  A care card will also be provided with your order.