Breast Milk & Memorial Jewelry

Transform your loved one's special clothing into a bear. Keep your loved ones close with beautiful keepsake jewelry made with a cremation ash, lock of hair, mama's breast milk, dried flowers, material, or other inclusions

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3. Receive your beautiful custom made keepsake jewelry


I had earrings made from my two dogs and one cats ashes. They turned out better than I had expected. They're fashionable and sentimental at the same time. I received the remaining ash back which was good so none went to waste. I would definately recommend.


I ordered stud earrings and they turned out beautiful. Awesome service and so professional. Such a great way to honor and keep loved ones close. I will definitely be ordering more.s.


Thank you very much for making our pendants my wife and son and myself love them. Now we can have our dog with us everywhere we go . Very friendly and happy experience and very fast also thank you 🙏🏾  So much


I had a beautiful ring made from my cats hair after she passed. I will cherish this ring and wear it to remember my cat. It's very beautiful and great quality.


My ring turned out beautiful. A keepsake I can wear everyday to have my brother close by ❤️


On Nov 25, 2019 the cat I had since I was 15yrs old passed away. Frisco was his name and we shared 17.5yrs together. My heart broke that night, it was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. I came across Love you Forever Keepsake Jewelry and knew I needed earrings. I did have fur clippings so I messaged and we worked out details. I chose the blue sapphire as its my birthstone and also the month Frisco came home to live with me. Thank you so much. They are beautiful. Brings me comfort.


I’m so overwhelmed, no words can explain the feeling of winning something so special. It turned out beautiful , your work brings so much comfort. ❤️😇


Julie created a beautiful pendulum for me with ashes of my brother and father. I was able to completely customize it with colour, stones and placement of the ashes. She is truly talented and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a special way to keep your loved ones close. The process was quick and easy. You can tell she pours her heart into every piece and every client.


When I lost my mom, I also lost my best friend. Love You Forever Jewelry now let's me have my mom with me at all times ;)  The ring and earrings made with her ashes is the most beautiful and unique pieces I have. This jewelry means more to me then anything.

Julie cares for the ashes or whatever you are getting your piece made with, with the most upmost care and hands you back what she didn't use. This to me was important as I didn't want anything to be placed in the garbage!

Highly recommend :) You won't be disappointed. 


Preserving your precious memories into beautiful keepsake jewelry.



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